Can a girl get pregnant from precum?


Precum or pre-ejaculate is the usually clear fluid that comes out of the penis during sex, so named because it comes out before the actual cum (semen). A lot of guys think that as long as they don’t cum while they are inside of a girl, they can’t get pregnant. But there can be semen in precum and can lead to pregnancy. So even though there isn’t a great chance that the girl will get pregnant from the precum, it is still possible and does happen. So it is always safer to use a condom or other contraception to make sure you don’t risk an unwanted pregnancy.

People that use the ‘pull out’ method, which is when the guy doesn’t use a condom then pulls his penis out of the vagina just before ejaculation, can be 96% effective at preventing pregnancy when done properly (meaning 4 out of 100 get pregnant over a years time of practicing this method regularly). When compared to latex condoms that are 98% effective it doesn’t seem like much, but mistakes can be made and you’ll probably be wishing you had that extra 2% (or more if the condom doesn’t break) on your side if you or your mate end up pregnant.

It is also very important to stress that condoms do much more then just reduce the risk of pregnancy, they’re also very important in protecting you against STD’s.