Age to Buy Condoms

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

The question, how old do you have to be to buy condoms, is one that many young people ask when they think about having sex for the first time. The short answer is there are no age requirements and anybody can buy condoms. And this is true in almost every country and state in the world. Condoms aren’t dangerous so they don’t put any age restrictions on buying them. They are just a way of keeping yourself safe from pregnancy and STD’s and a very responsible choice. Some young people recount stories of going into a Walmart another similar store and having the clerk tell them they aren’t old enough to buy condoms at the checkout. But in the United States condoms are classified as health products in the same way that cotton swabs or toilet paper are classified, so you can be safe in assuming you can buy condoms openly. If you are worried that you live in a strange state that has an age requirement for condom purchases, check your location below to be sure and learn more about sexuality laws in your state!

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Even though there is no age requirement to purchase condoms, do be aware there are other laws to consider when having sex. If you are not the age of consent or older and/or you are not a minor but your partner is, you are probably breaking the law in some way. Know your state laws and be safe! If you want to learn more about your state’s sex laws, visit Sex in the States.